5. When you want to freeze a moment in time

A few months ago, the little one requested matching bathing suits.  It wasn’t even a question as to whether or not I’d say yes . . . the only question was how fast could I get them shipped.  I’ve had them tucked away for a few months now, but as we were getting ready to go north, she asked for me to pack them.  And today, she came bouncing into my room and asked if we could please wear them this afternoon.  Yet again, it was no question as to how I’d respond.  What else can I say but I love this one with all my heart . . . I know these days of wanting matching bathing suits isn’t going to last long.  And I’m going to cherish every single one of them while they’re here.

Despite an afternoon of swimming, we also managed to get in quite a bit of cooking today too!  Another batch of biscuits were whipped up, and a few bunches of candy cane beets were roasted to go along with this unbelievable Tomato Corn Casserole from the Gourmet cookbook.

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