4. Reading On the Dock


There’s so much about this photo that I love.  The first is that I had five minutes to get out a book and read for a few minutes while the kids and the Husband were swimming to a big exposed shoal just down from our swimming dock that they have whimsically christened “Goose Poop Island”.

The second is that I’m reading a physical book, not using the kindle app on one of my various devices.  I used to be a loved of physical books.  I could spend hours in book stores and loved nothing more than having a stack of unread books beside my bed.  But then the kids happened, and kindle became a really nice option; my books don’t get smushed/waterlogged/or otherwise damaged in my bag filled with water bottles and other assorted kid paraphernalia, I never have to worry about remembering to throw my book in my bag, and no matter what device I happen to have on hand – phone, iPad, computer, I can pick up wherever I left off.  But, prior to our camping trip, where charging devices wasn’t going to be easy, I made a trip to a bookstore and picked up a few actual books to take with me.  I only managed to get through one of them on the camping trip, so the rest of them have come with me and it seems like afternoons on the dock are the perfect time to get in a little reading.  I might not have read much of this book yet, but “The Admissions” is a page turner – one of those books that if I didn’t have kids, I’d be immersed in all day, not putting it down until it was done.

But I digress.  Back to what I love so much about this photos . . . third, and most of all, I love my new bookmark.  My little one picked it out for me at the bookstore the other day.  Despite knowing the name of the movie, and the names of all the other characters pictured on the bookmark, and not knowing anything about my One Little Word or this little project I’m working on, she handed it to me and said, “Look Mommy, here’s your joy”.

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