6. Perfect Endings to Perfect Days

Today was one of those absolutely perfect summer days. It started with a swim and ended with a swim and there was a whole lotta fun sandwiched between those two swims.

To be fair, the day wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows … There was a power outage, the well water system we use up here may have been contaminated as a result, and a dinner at our local fish & chips placed was forfeited given the hour long wait for a table (this may not seem like a big deal, and in truth it isn’t … But to the 7-, 5-, and 4-year old who had been looking forward to this dinner all day …)

But, we managed to laugh about it all and my brother outdid himself recreating fish and chips at home.

In the event you’re wondering how he pulled off this masterpiece of fried fish … We purchased som fresh caught local pickerel from the restaurant, chopped it into pieces making sure all the bones were removed, dredged each piece in all purpose flour (just put a cup or so into a bowl to do this), then dredged each piece in a bowl of beaten eggs (we used 3), and lastly dredged it through a bowl of Panko crumbs. The fish was then fried in a cast iron pan containing a generous amount of olive oil (several tablespoons) until the fish was cooked through. Delicious!!!!

After our after dinner swim, we were treated to this:


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