29. An Early Saturday Morning to Myself

This is the first weekend in a while that we’ve been in the city.  While I certainly miss waking up next to the water, before breakfast swims, and communal breakfasts, there is something to be said for summer Saturday mornings in the city.

As is often the case on Saturdays, the Husband was up relatively early with the kids and they were all dressed and out the door just before 7 to head down to the market – I wish I could say they were only going there for the groceries – but market days for the kids equate to bacon sandwiches (for the older one) and bagels and cream cheese (for the younger one) – the groceries are merely a means to the breakfast they thoroughly enjoy.

So I was left with a decision to make – I could take advantage of having the house to myself and get some chores done, those chores you can’t do when the kids are home like cull the stuffed animal baskets and toys that are no longer played with, or I could sit outside, enjoy the weather, my garden l, and a cup of coffee, and get some of my work done

I chose the later

Although I did spend a few barefoot moments in my garden picking tomatoes, basil and kale to cook into some scrambled eggs to go along with my coffee!!

It’s almost comical – I thought now that I was equipped with my stunning new planner, time without interruptions was going to magically appear in my day.  The thing is, it hasn’t and it won’t.  Making time to do the things that bring me joy has to be a conscious effort each and every day.  It’s far too easy, I find, as a stay at home mom, to get swept up in the minutiae of everyday life.  Not that I don’t love it – I absolutely do!  But the odd load of laundry can wait for half an hour while I take a little time for me.

Hoping you enjoy your Saturday!




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