28. Not Every Day Is Going to Have a Big Spark of Joy . . . Sometimes Joy Comes Creeping In

Today didn’t go as planned.  I wanted to do stuff with the kids.  But my attempt at quickly tidying up a few things ended up with me completely cleaning out the garage.

The fact that I spent a good chunk of an absolutely gorgeous day sweeping dirt and grass seed off the floor of the back of our garage (thanks to an animal of some sort who thought they’d find something more exciting than dirt and grass seed on those bags), that I got completely filthy in the process, and that while I was busy cleaning out the garage, I convinced myself that it was only a matter of weeks before the entire place was a mess again, only served to make me . . . . let’s just use the word cranky.

A series of rather unpleasant issues that needed further attention this afternoon didn’t exactly work to improve my feelings of wellbeing.

And then, when it came time for me to sit down and write, I simply could not come up with a single joyous thing to write about today.

But as I sat out on the back deck, with my jasmine plant beside me, perfuming the air with that amazing scent, I started to reflect on the day.  I got the garage cleaned out!  I was able to talk to the Husband and the kids about where things will go from now on in said garage, and I feel like we may just put an end to the pile of clutter that builds up in there.  The kids had a great day – even if it wasn’t what we had set out to do today (I had given them cookbooks, told them to pick out things to make, and we would cook).  The little one had a fantastic time playing with her dolls.  And the older one got to watch Star Wars and play on the Wii.  Neither of them were in the least bit disappointed in how the day had gone.

I guess today was just another friendly reminder that there won’t always be big sparks of joy in each day, even if we’re on the constant lookout for them.  Joy may come creeping in instead, when you sit back and reflect on how the day has gone, and how everyone is feeling at the end of the day.  So while my day didn’t feel so joyous as I was moving through it, turns out the whole day may have been my morsel of joy . . .

(This jasmine plant is pretty joyous in and of itself though . . .)





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