23. Home Again

We awoke today to the Bay looking more like the ocean than anything else.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  The rainbow that hung around for quite some time, well, that was the cherry on the top of the proverbial sundae of a wonderful weekend.


But, despite the gorgeousness that was today, the city was calling – work for the Husband, and a week of fun (and errands and organizing) for me and the kids.  So we piled into the car, but since traffic wasn’t too bad, decided to take our time getting home.  For us, this means making a stop at one of the kids’ favourite playgrounds – the playground made by the Giver (a TVOKids show) in Waubaushene.  If you have kids – let them watch this show. It’s amazing.  And the playgrounds they create are so much fun!

And now, as the day comes to a close, I’m turning to planning for the week.  It’s a big week for us . . . I’m doing my Week in the Life for my little one this week – this will be my 3rd time documenting a week in the life of my little one.  All the photos and stories from each of the days of this week are going into an album for her.  It’s also the Husband’s birthday, and so we have several celebrations planned.  And of course, since I’m home with the kids, there’ll be lots of fun mommy/kids things this week.

I purchased my Simplified Planner to help me plan out things that I want to do – things just for me – it’s turning out to be so much more –  a keeper of my workouts, a place to store short, daily lists of to-do’s, and of course, a way to plan out my creative projects.  As I sit down tonight to plan my week, I’m SO happy I have this planner to help me organize it all.  Yup . . . . I really do LOVE this planner!  (and yes, I am indulging in a nice glass of wine while I plan!)



Happy Sunday.  And wishing you a happy week ahead!


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