21. Surprises in the Garden

So, I’ve been a little remiss this week when it comes to my garden. I’ve been meaning to get out and clean things up all week. But deep down I think I knew I had so much to do out there, the few minutes here and there that I could have spent gardening, just didn’t seem with bothering.

That being said, it is a bit hard to ignore the veritable jungle the back “vegetable plot” has become. Well, mostly because melon vines are using my flowers as supports and are starting to grow out and onto the lawn ….

While we have harvested some cucumbers and peppers and tomatoes so far this season, and of course lots of herbs and kale, we haven’t seen much evidence of the “fun” things growing – and by fun, I am of course referring to the sugar pumpkins, cantaloupes, and watermelons chosen by my son to plant.

Well, tonight I went for a quick peek to see if there were any tomatoes ready for picking, and to check on my roses that are being totally overshadowed by said tomato plants, I found this!!!!



Yup!  A lone watermelon!  The kids of course were desperate to pick it, but we decided to leave it on the vine and see if it will grow a little bit more!!!

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