Think of the Happiest Things . . .(What Every Self-Help Book Is Trying to Tell You)


As I was going through photos from our recent trip, I came across this one.  Those mornings, standing in sand, with the surf lapping out our toes, watching the sun rise with the kids – those were magical moments for me.  I have never felt happier, lighter, or more filled with joy.  And I am forever grateful to the Husband for having the foresight to take a picture of us on one of our morning escapades.  (In case you’re wondering, this is what the kids and I were focused on . . .)


Now that we’re a few weeks into being back home, I’ve realized how much I missed feeling the way I did every morning (and through the entire day) on that trip, and I started to look for ways to bring that feeling back.  You would think, that after my self-imposed journey through the cannon of self-help books, I would have the answers at my fingertips.  But it look several weeks, and some gentle prodding from the Coach to get me to see the light.

It’s easy to feel happy, light and filled with joy on vacation.  Because you are removed from the endless expectations, comparisons, and fears that swirl around us in our everyday life.  When you’re on vacation, you’re one job is to be happy.  And shockingly, the happier you are, the more wonderful things are that you experience, and you become even happier, and thus the cycle continues.

And then you get home.  And you are back to being bombarded by the endless expectations, comparisons, and fears of everyday life, and we become less happy, and as we become less happy, we are more inclined to see the negative side of life, which in turn makes us less happy, and thus the cycle continues.

Cue the self-help books.  Which I am now starting to realize all basically say the same thing.  Find something that makes you happy.  Anything at all.  And use that to start the cycle of happiness. . . . take “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” – tidy up your house, get rid of anything that might cause you dis-ease in your house . . . you feel better, lighter, happier . . .that translates into you looking for more things that make you feel better, lighter, happier . . . take “Big Magic” – let go of the fear of doing the one thing you really want to do . . .you’ll find happiness . . . which will translate into feeling better, lighter, happier . . . which translate into you looking for more things that make you feel better, lighter happier . . . I could go on . . .and on . . .and on.

It’s such a simple concept really, if we remain rooted in the unpleasantness, the negativity of life, that’s when our lives start to change for the worse.  But if we can find the thing(s) that make us truly happy, focus on that, you will see your life start to change for the better.

I don’t think anyone could sum it all up better than Peter Pan. . . “Think of the happiest things, it’s the same as having wings”.

Wishing you all a happy day.

When there’s a smile in your heart
There’s no better time to start
Think of all the joy you’ll find
When you leave the world behind
And bid your fears good-bye
You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

–Peter Pan


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