Choice Part II (Choosing Happy over Fear)

Choose Happy

So I woke up yesterday morning absolutely terrified.  I had a sense things weren’t going to go well, and I was scared.  I was so scared, that I even, through tears, asked the Husband to meet me at the doctor’s appointment, which I try NEVER to do (handling these appointment on my own is my feeble attempt at bravery).


As I was making my way through my morning routine, whirling around the house in a nervous tizzy, I stopped long enough to check on the news and see what new articles had popped up in my blog reader over night.

Which is when the universe stepped in . . . I came across this amazing article on Understanding Fear  . . .and in it was this quote:

“Regardless if you’re a fatalist or into free will, the reasoning is still the same: either all outcomes have already happened and you’re just catching up to the choice you’ve already made or, nothing’s happened yet, there’s plenty of time to make a sound choice and you’re getting worked up over nothing!”.

I fully accept that this same sentiment has been relayed to me over the years; I just wasn’t ready to really hear it  . . . until yesterday.

And as this message slowly sunk in, my outlook on the day slowly started to change.

And I ended up having a spectacularly amazing day.

The appointment with my doctor went better than I could have ever imagined . . . I am overjoyed to report that I all my results came back perfectly normal.  In fact, they were all so normal, that after I have one more round of testing in June coupled with my annual MRI . . . I’ll be freed from MRI’s for THREE years.  Which pretty much means I’m cured . . . It’s now time to really leave all of this “tumour stuff” firmly in the past . . . and move full steam ahead with our lives.

The day also brought some lovely moments with the kids, the opportunity to meet new friend while waiting for my appointment (we were having such a great time chatting, when the Husband arrived, I couldn’t remember why I had asked him to come), and a chance meet-up and dinner with my dearest friend.

When I chose to slowly let go of choosing to give into the fear, and instead chose to look for the good, for the happy, well, shockingly (hah!), I found the good, the happy.

And so I will end this with my favourite refrain.  There is ALWAYS a choice.  We can choose how we live our lives; from what we do with our days to how we care for and feed ourselves and our loved ones.  And we can choose how we respond to the situations we are presented with.  No matter what we do, how “good” we are, or how much “good” we try to do, bad things will happen . . . but we ALWAYS have the choice in how we respond.

Have a great day and I hope you too can choose happy today, regardless of what gets thrown at you.

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