39. One Second a Day

By now you’re probably catching on to the idea that I life to document life . . . that I enjoy taking photos . . .and that I equally enjoy writing about life and the photos I take.  Right now, I’m working on this 100 Day blog challenge, I just finished my 100 Day creative challenge, and I’m simultaneously continuing with my photo-a-day project (I’ve been doing this for almost 8 years now) while working on my daughter’s week-in-the-life project.

But for some reason, it wasn’t until a story I saw in passing on a website about how recording 1-second a day of your life made a woman realize some things about her life that I got to thinking about these projects more in depth.  Which in turn lead to poking around on the internet and then on to Cesar Kuriyama’s TED Talk where he talks about documenting one second of every day of his life.

I’ve talked in the past about how my photo-a-day project of the kids has helped to to realize there was still lots of happiness even in the darkest days of “tumour land” when I was feeling my absolute worst about life and my situation.

But this project has also helped me see just how fast time flies by.  And how things that were SO important (insert any adjective you choose) at one point in time, can be completely out of the picture (literally and figuratively) just a few short weeks later.  And of course, with that comes the realization that, it really is true, it time, everything really does pass.

And so, as I, and all the other moms I was talking to at an event at my son’s school this morning, are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, underprepared, and dis-organzied . . . I want to remind myself, and everyone else, that this too will pass.

If you’ve never done a photo-a-day or a one-second-a-day project, I highly recommend them.  I love that I have so many tangible memories of my kids and their childhood.  And all of the insights that come from looking back through all those photos.




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