37. Making Time . . . and Forgiving Ourselves When We Don’t


We had an absolutely fantastic drop off on the first day of a brand new school for the older one today.

While I thought I had today, this week, this month all planned out, organized, and sorted, I didn’t even manage to stick to the plans I had for today.

Not that it wasn’t a great day . .  .it was fabulous in every way . . . but it was yet another reminder for me, that things come up, things happen, and life doesn’t always go according to plan.

It was also a great reminder that my plan NOT to over schedule the kids, me, the Husband, and any combination thereof was a good one.  Without downtime, quiet time, unscheduled time written right into the calendar, it’s hard to keep balance and composure when things don’t quite go according to plan.  Because we had spare time built into our schedule for today, having to run a few extra unexpected errands wasn’t the end of the world.

And of course, as I’m writing this at 9 at night, having had little sleep last night and a far busier day, getting far less of the things I had planned/expected/wanted to get done, I’m reminding myself that it’s ok when we don’t quite manage to make time for all the things we wanted to do.

Tomorrow is a new day and, in this gloriously less-scheduled regime we now have, I just may get back some of that time I lost today!



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