35. Forever

I sat down this morning to figure out the week ahead – the logistics of who needed to be where and when, what activities were starting and what corresponding bags needed to be packed, and of course, based on who had what when, what our food requirements and menus would be like for the week.

Since it’s also the first week of school (which I kind of think is a whole lot better than new year’s), I wanted to start implementing the “me” time I’m trying to carve out for myself and the projects I’m going to tackle in this “me” time.

So I opened my Simplified Planner, and was about to get to work, when I read the quote in the planner for this week:

“Forever – is composed of Nows”
-Emily Dickinson

I put the pen down, the planner away, and completely changed my objectives for the day.  The planning can wait till later tonight, or early tomorrow morning.  Today was a day for enjoyment.  Enjoying the last day at the cottage for the summer, enjoying the stunning weather, enjoying being with my kids and the Husband.

So when they beckoned me off my perch where I was taking photos of them on what we have lovingly christened “Goose Poop Island”,  I listened.  (Thankfully I was already in my bathing suit)  I put my phone down and jumped in.


As much as I like my plans and organization, I think the fun we had today will remembered for a long time to come (forever?) . . . and really, what’s more important???


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