16. Finding the Joy in Coming Home (when I’d really rather still be up north)

I did NOT want to come home from up north today.  Not one little bit.  I didn’t want to pack.  I didn’t want to put shoes on (I never wear shoes up north, unless I have to get into the car to drive somewhere, which doesn’t happen often).  And I didn’t want to put on my watch.  But the kids are signed up for camps that are too expensive to cancel, and so . . .I packed, put on some shoes strapped on my watch, got in the car, and made our way home.

Softening the blow as I walked through the front door of our house was a few packages of things that I had ordered while we were away.

First up was a box of fabric from Brenda Riddle at Acorn Quilt and Gift Company that I can’t wait to start turning into a quilt.  It looks prettier than it did online, and I’m so excited to get my hands on it!


Next was a big box from the gap/banana/old navy – all those clothes that I was lured into purchasing during their friends and family sale last week.  I liked what I ordered . . . and I liked the fact that finding a home for the new things I bought means tomorrow (ok, maybe over the next few days), I can do some cleaning out of all of our closets!

And lastly, but certainly not least, was a brand new, PINK! Simplified Planner.  I cannot wait to sit down with it tomorrow, once the kids have been dropped off a camp, with a coffee and pen in hand, and start planning!  If you’ve never seen these planners before, they are AMAZING!  So pretty to look at, and laid out so well, you won’t use another planner again.  Oh . . . and just to be perfectly honest, I’m using this planner to plan out MY activities.  Not those for the family, or the kids . . . just things for me.  Like when I’m going to work on said aforementioned quilt, or clean out those closets, or work on the other projects I have on the go.


And so, while I was sad to see our vacation time end up north, coming home turned out not to be so bad either!

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