It Really Is a Magical Season (Or How I Did 42 Pull Ups in a Single WOD)

Today was my crossfit gym’s Christmas party.  And when I say Christmas party, I mean we did a 12 Days of Christmas WOD (workout of the day).  There may have been some paleo treats and protein shakes after we were done, but really, we were all there to do the WOD more than we were there for the party after.  For those of you who don’t know, the way this type of WOD works is that there are 12 movements – you start by doing 1 of the first movement, then you do 2 of the second movement, 1 of the first movement, then 3 of the third, 2 of the second, one of the first . . . . until you get to the 12th movement and you work your way all the way back down to the first movement.

I knew that this would be the style of the WOD today, but I didn’t know what the movements were going to be.  Which is why the first thing I did, before checking on my kids, was to check what the WOD was going to be.  And there it was . . . movement #7 . . . pull ups.  I may not be the best at math, but when it comes to WODs and how many of a movement I have to do, I can turn into an idiot savant . . . Anyway, my heart broke a little when I saw that I was going to have to do 42 pull ups.

Fast forward a few hours, I got to the gym, the countdown started, and before I knew it, I was at the round of 7 and about to jump to to the pull up bar.  I took a deep breath, jumped up, and did 7 (kipping) pull ups.  Without dropping off the bar.  Or taking a break of any kind.  7 legitimate pull ups in a row.

And then a few minutes later, I was back at the pull up bar for my 2nd set of 7 . . . and I did those too.  Without dropping off the bar.  Or taking a break of any kind.

And so it continued . . .with each round, I was able to crank out 7 decent pull ups.  And as I entered my last round, one of the coaches looked at me and simply asked “When did that happen?”.

The truth is, it happened today.  Today was a truly magical day as I got to live the results of the hard work and amazing programming the Coach has put together for me.

As I recovered from the excitement that was the workout, enjoying a protein shake and a paleo snack, I looked over at my daughter, and there she was, in her element, swinging on the rings, having the time of her life.

Looks like I have a new goal now . . . learning a muscle up before she does!



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