I’m Back . . . On Disney . . . And Why I want a Little Disney in our Life at Home

We’re just back from an extended vacation at Disney World.  I didn’t post while we were gone; not because I didn’t want to, but because I was simply too busy having fun with the kids and all the friends we met up with while we were down there.  And just as I was getting ready to write again, with our trip coming to a close, we learned of the horrific events in Paris, and then I wasn’t sure what to write . . . . the juxtaposition of anything I wanted to say against the backdrop of what was going on in the world just seemed, well, ludicrous.

But, after attempting to write this post over the last few days, I think I’ve finally found the words to express my thoughts.

I love Disney.

Yes, I realize that’s not the coolest thing a person of my age and stage can say.  But it’s the truth.  And here’s why.

I love that Disney is a place where you are actively encourage to be happy and have fun.  At every turn, someone is wishing you a good morning/afternoon/evening and telling you that they hope you have a “magical day”.  How can that not make you smile (at the very least because you find it a bit ridiculous); and that feeling is contagious.  I found myself smiling and exchanging pleasantries with complete strangers and vice vera.  Then there’s the parks themselves; where details big and small are designed to elicit maximum happiness.

I love that Disney is a place where you literally see dreams coming true all around you.  It is easy to laugh inwardly at the grown adults jumping with joy at seeing their favourite character; or at the huge groups of families traipsing around the park together in matching disney-emblazoned shirts.  While we may not share the same dream, you have to give credit to these people that have had the courage, determination, drive to make their dreams come true.

And I especially love that Disney is a place where you are encouraged to believe that  anything is possible; like Tinkerbell flying around Main Street just waiting to have her photo taken with small children.

And so now that we’re back at home, I hope to bring some of what I love about Disney into our regular lives.  Even in the face of the current world events, I hope to encourage happiness and joy in my kids and the Husband in the hopes that not only are they happier, but that they can spread that happiness on to others; I want to encourage them to follow their dreams and do what it takes to make them come true; and I most definitely want to instil in my kids and remind myself that truly, anything is possible.


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