A Time for New Growth

“In order for there to be new growth, there must be a time of letting go”

-Danielle Orner

As I reflect on this past week, I realize I have been gently letting go of a lot of “stuff” lately, and especially this week.

There has been a letting go of items around the house that we simply no longer need. The bowls I blogged about the other day, the ones I just wasn’t ready to let go of . . . they’re gone.  The kids rooms continue to be quietly cleaned out of the toys and books that they just don’t use anymore.  And I even culled my giant bin of saved art that the kids have brought home over the last FIVE years.

There has been a letting go in terms of my perception of my family.  I can now acknowledge that we are all getting older.  The kids are growing up.  And some of the things we’ve done every year since they were babies, well, we might not do them again after this year.  (Realistically, at what age are my kids going to rebel against the idea of wearing matching pjs on special occasions like halloween and Christmas????).

And there has been a letting go of what has been.  I’m finally ready to give thanks for certain events in my life, but also to put them to rest.

And just as this process of letting go has been slow and gentle, so too will be the process of new growth.

And on that note, I thought I’d include a link to an article I read this morning entitled ““Screw Finding Your Passion”.  The greatest teachers in my life had had the initials “MM” which may be why I was inexplicably drawn to this guy’s writing . . . either that or I just really liked the title of the article.  Regardless, I think it’s pretty awesome, and you might too.  (thanks to my high school music teacher for posting this on Facebook!)

Now . . . to get the kids into their halloween costumes and set for a day of fun, sugar, and yet more sugar.  Planning a very calm night in tonight, serving some cauliflower soup that I whipped up yesterday morning and a chicken recipe a friend sent me two days ago that I can’t wait to try.

Happy Friday!!!

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