There is Magic in Focusing on How You Want to Feel

Ok.  I mentioned last week that I want to feel light, happy and full of joy.  And according to Danielle Laporte, the way to do this is to focus on doing those things that make me feel that way, and I will end up feeling that way.  So, instead of making mental and physical to-do lists in the morning, I’ve been trying to focus on what I can do in each day to make me feel the way I aspire to feel.

Interestingly, I’ve found a LOT of my to-do list items are still getting done.  But, the intention behind ticking these chores off the to-do list is far different; and the way I feel after I’m done is way different too.  I actually smiled through (most) of the garage clean up/out this weekend.

But the biggest place I’ve noticed a difference in the last week is in the gym.  Right now, I’m not focused on specific goals.  Instead, I’m focused on improving my technique and getting stronger overall.  And yes, I’m focused on trying to learn pull-ups.  But unlike any of the other times I’ve tried to force myself into becoming some sort of pull-up phenom, I’ve crashed and burned spectacularly (i.e. “over-planning” never worked).

This time around, I’ve spent the last week just trying to get a little bit stronger each day.  Yes, I’ve been doing pull-ups every day, but without too much planning, forethought or desire for set outcomes.  And on Friday, I did manage to eek out one strict pull-up.  But that was it, and I was content to celebrate the small win, and move on with more practice.

Today, I had a few minutes to spare in the gym, so I thought I’d try to squeeze in a few pull-ups as my practice for the day.  I jumped up to the highest pull-up bar, so there was no way for me to cheat the movement, and . . . .I gave a mighty pull . . . and my chin made it over the bar.  In my excitement, I dropped off the bar, and did a little happy dance.  But then, I jumped back up, and did it a second time . . . . and a third. . . . and a fourth . . . . and a fifth.

Five strict pull-ups.  In one day.  MAGIC.

I feel good.  Really good.  And strong.  And like I want to keep working hard to feel good.  And strong.

I’m going to take this as a lesson learned; that focusing on what makes me feel good can lead to some pretty magical moments; in life, and in the gym.  And I’m curious to see where this will lead me as I continue to try and focus on how I want to feel, and doing the things that make me feel that way.

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