And so it begins . . .

“Bravery doesn’t mean living through something hard . . . Bravery is when you go against the momentum of your life and do the scary thing” said Jessica Fector in her book, Stir; My Broken Brain and the Meals that Brought Me Home

Years ago, a dear girlfriend turned to me and asked when i was going to write a blog.  In the ER a few days post-surgery when I was worried things weren’t healing properly, “Go home” said the neurosurgeon “Go home and write a blog”.  Several times this year as other mommy friends asked for recipes that I had raved about, I was then asked if I could just put them on a blog already.

Then came my dear friend Rozanne, with her #100scribbles; a virtual challenge to get back to writing and creating.  And, as you get to know me, you’ll see that there’s only one way I respond to a challenge . . .

And so, I got ready, once and for all . . . to start a blog . . . and then I got scared, let life get in the way, and did nothing.

Until today.  When staring at a massive bowl of peaches purchased at the market this weekend, with the words of another dear friend ringing in my ears, and thoughts on life and bravery from the book Stir running through my head, I decided to see if I could be brave.


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