44. (Really) Late Summer Gardening

Today is one of those absolutely perfect late summer/early fall days.  The sun is out, there isn’t a cloud in the sky, and the cold temperatures of this morning have given way to warm, almost hot conditions this afternoon.  In other words, it is an absolutely perfect day to get out and garden.

Fall may have technically started earlier this week, but my garden didn’t seem to get the memo.  While I would normally start pulling plants at this time of year, everything seems not only to be in full bloom, but also sprouting new buds!  So rather than pull plants, I did some weeding and pruning that will make the process of putting the garden to bed a little easier a few weeks from now.

And because I had so much fun in and amongst the gorgeousness of some of my plants this afternoon, I had to share a few photos . . . As much as I curse my roses every single time I need to deadhead or prune, when they are in full bloom, I just can’t get enough of them . . . which I suppose is why I keep planting more and more of them in my garden.


And the dahlias are absolutely gorgeous right now.  For some reason this year they weren’t ravaged by slugs despite not using any sort of slug bait or slug deterrent.


By far, though, I spent the most time amongst my tomato plants.  Right now, they look a lot like a metaphor for my life . . . branching out in every and all direction, some stalks bearing copious amounts of fruit, other none at all.  Must like I’m pruning back parts of my life that haven’t/aren’t bearing much fruit, the tomato plants needed a good prune too.  And they got one!  And no, I didn’t use tomato cages.  Which in retrospect I now have a great appreciation for.  Why didn’t I use them??? Simple.  A year or two ago, during one of my great garage clean-outs, I tossed all the cages we had inherited from the family that owed our house before us (they were great gardeners that maintained a large vegetable garden).  I’ve put other things in the place where I once stored them, and wasn’t sure where I’d put them after this year.  So I thought I’d let the plants go and see what happened.  I didn’t think they’d end up in this much of a tangle!!


As for the melons . . . well, I think they’re just about ready to pick.  If only the local squirrels/raccoons/ground hog would stop eating the baby melons (and pumpkins for that matter), we would have had a bumper crop!  But as it stands, we only have 2 left on the vine, a few more little ones that likely won’t have enough time to mature before the cold weather hits, and quite a few tiny ones that have been knocked off the vines.


It’s days like this that have to be absolutely savoured . . . they’re the ones we’ll miss most when the weather turns cold and damp and the sunlight isn’t quite so bright.  Hope you’re out and enjoying every last drop of today!!

18. To Plant a Garden

As the Audrey Hepburn quote goes . . . which I know I’ve used before on this blog . . .

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

The downside to being up north for so long was that my garden got a little bit neglected.  While The Husband took great care to make sure all my plants got the water they needed and that the lawn was well cared for, he has proclaimed zero interest in the tending to flowers and shrub aspect of gardening.  And so, with the heat we’ve had and all the lovely water The Husband gave them, my plants have all gone through, what I will politely term “a massive growth spurt”.  And yes, from that you can read into the fact that the tomato plants may be threatening to take over the entire backyard . . . the watermelons and cantaloupe are using everything they can find as props to climb upwards (including, but not limited to delphiniums) . . . my prized new climbing roses are duking it out with the pepper plants and cucumbers for climbing space along the fence (the roses appear to be losing) . . . and there’s the fact that the invasive weeds from a few neighbouring properties seem to be thriving in the absence of my obsessive removal of their runners . . .

While I did a quick tour around as soon as we got back on Sunday, I haven’t had time to go back and seriously examine what needs to be done (the above all came from cursory glance, so heave knows what I’ll find when I start rooting around) nor to get going on any of what needs to be tended to.

Today brought buckets of rain, and so, no gardening was undertaken today either.

But, after we got home from friends this evening, I had a few quick moments to wander around again, and check in on a few of my favourite plants.  Of course, most favourite rosebush did not disappoint.

But the knowledge that there is so much more to be uncovered, so many more things to see, so much wonderful work to be done has me quite excited . . .  So I will be going to go bed tonight, dreaming of tomorrow and the joys that I know I will find hidden in my garden.


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