40. Rainbows


As I was sitting on my front porch after dinner trying to gather my thoughts after a hectic day, I looked up to find a beautiful rainbow gracing the early evening sky.

I’ve had the lyrics to the Rainbow Connection song in my head ever since (I grew up watching The Muppets and my kids are growing up watching them too).

Of course there’s that other famous song about rainbows … You know “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue”.

But neither of these songs are particularly uplifting nor do they capture the beauty and magic inherent in witnessing a rainbow.

Yup  you guessed it … I looked up the symbolism of rainbows and found some truly fascinating interpretations of seeing a rainbow.  But of all that I read, I found this to be the most wonderful explanation of all:

“In essence, a rainbow is a symbol of reprieve – a symbol of hope and promise – a gift of grace”

(you can read more about the symbolism of rainbows Here)

As I have embarked on new journeys this week, stumbled, questioned my direction, and wondered if I’ll ever find the right path, I’m going to rest well tonight knowing that the rainbow I saw this evening is a sign of hope and promise for what’s to come.


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