Peace Points, Tidying, and the Chaos of Young Kids


At the end of each of my Wednesday Crossfit classes, the coach dims the lights in the gym, puts on a 4 minute long song, and tells us all to lie down, stretch, and enjoy our 4 minute long “peace point”.  When the four minutes are up, class is officially over, the gym lights snap back on, and we’re free to go about our day . . . although we are sent out into the world with a reminder to find a few more “peace points” during the day.

While I am capable (sort of) of handling 4 minutes of quiet in a gym doing absolutely nothing, the idea that I could replicate that in my house, DURING THE DAY seems preposterous.  Not when there’s so much to do . . .

Which leads me back to the concept of tidying.  I have been diligently plugging away on my tidying project.  I’ve been waking up with the Husband at 4:30, and in the hour or so I have before I hear the “pitter patter” of the older one’s feet fly down the stairs, in that quiet time when I know there will be no phone calls, no emails, no one requesting my attention, I can slowly chip away at the stuff of life that we’ve acquired since having kids.  I’ve been good, and really looked at each item that passes through my hands, and considered the joy it has brought me, currently adds to my life, and what joy it may bring me in the years to come.  And though this method, LOTS has gone out (there was some added incentive this week as it was a garbage week for us, not recycling, so I knew everything I got rid of would be truly gone!).

But then life happens.  Take yesterday afternoon.  The older one needed my undivided attention once we got home from school & swimming lessons – so in we all came through the front door; 2 backpacks, 2 gym bags, 2 swim bags, 1 bag of new uniform supplies, and some assorted artwork got dumped inside the front hall.  3 jackets, 3 pairs of shoes, and some socks were removed and unceremoniously deposited in and around the general location where they should be placed.

One thing lead to another, quiet time with one lead straight into dinner for the little ones, which lead into bath and bedtime, which lead into dinner for the adults, a quick clean up of the kitchen, and a joyous collapse into bed.

And thus, I awoke this morning to a front hall overflowing with “stuff” . . . and to resuming the tidying process all over again . . .

I am starting to come to the conclusion that my role of Chief Tidier isn’t going to come to an end anytime soon.  And rather than drive myself mad on this treadmill of tidying, I should learn to love some of the chaos, accept that my house isn’t going to be the home I envision (neat, clean, tidy) all the time, and I should really carve out a few moments for a few “peace points” during my day.

But then . . .I look down at the dining room floor and notice that there are about a million perler/melting beads scattered across the floor that really should be picked up . . . .

PS . . . I will add that this craft has occupied BOTH kids for about 30minute stretches each morning this week.  I found some great free patterns and I’ve promised the kids we can turn their designs into magnets . . .

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